Andy Garratt Audio Editor

Andy Garratt

I first walked into a recording studio in 1989, watched the studio managers playing in sound effects from a bank of old record players while simultaneously editing the tapes with a razor blade, and thought “Wow!-I want to do that”. I joined BBC Radio a year later and quickly became a specialist in audio drama. What I particularly enjoyed was the challenge in taking a written script and making it believable and aurally interesting.
Well, the vinyl records and razor blades have been replaced with a shiny Mac computer and I left the BBC many years ago. The tools used have changed but the knowledge needed to bring a written script to life is much the same. Hopefully that’s what I bring to Footstep!
I’ve been working with Footstep now for 14 years.  More often than not we’re working in a foreign language, so it’s been a very pleasant surprise to realise how much I remember from all those French, German and Spanish lessons.  I've also been surprised how much Chinese I've picked up from our recent productions!  

And we've also been working on series about Food and 16 films for STEM so I get to discover more about all my passions.