Birgit (Bree) Hackenberg Location Manager (Germany)

Birgit (Bree) Hackenberg

I first worked with Footstep Productions in 2006 on the first Flirt English project for WDR. It was a really fun production, extremely successful both here in Germany, (where students who weren't even studying English turned up to find out what would happen next!), and also in the UK where it won a BUFVC Learning on Screen Award.

I've also worked with Footstep  on video projects for publishers, which have involved filming in the Cologne area, where I'm based, and in other locations around Germany. Most of our projects involve young people and we love that they stay in touch with the team.

But I don't just get to work with Footstep in Germany. For Flirt English 2, I got to film in Brighton, on the Sussex coast - even if it was the middle of winter!  The project underlined for me, how we live in a global world and how important it is to learn languages to help understand other people and their culture.  

After the project, I did a Cambridge CELTA course and started teaching English as a foreign language.  Footstep - you're doing you're job - you inspired me!  

Working with Footstep is really like being part of a family: The Footstep Family