Brian Powell Sound Recordist

Brian Powell

Hello, I'm the guy with the furry dog on a stick - it's a microphone really - and headphones round my neck!  I am Brian the sound recordist. You need strong arms to do my job, so I like to keep myself fit.  I'm a musician, runner and allotment gardener when I'm not recording sound for film and TV. My dream day would start with a run on a white beach, planting and harvesting at the allotment, followed by a BBQ with lots of friends and family.  Then, my band would play to rapturous applause into the early hours... and someone else would be the sound engineer....

I've worked with Footstep Productions for about 6 years on a whole range of language and documentary video and TV proejcts. Why do I like working with them? Well they're the best in their field and they specialise in creating tv magic in a fun way... And they're quite nice, too!