Cesar Wang Voice actor & assistant producer

Cesar Wang
Hello everyone, my name is Cesar Wang and I joined the Footstep family when I was just 12, first as a voice actor!  Thanks to the amazing Colette and Pat, I was able to meet my all time hero, the Indiana Jones of Entomology, Mark Moffett!  Not only that, but I actually did some field work, lab work AND experienced some of his lectures, during the filming of my episode of 'My Hero' in Austin, Texas.
I am now at university studying biology and enjoying new adventures and always on the lookout for new and bewildering ant species and behaviours! Ants you say?!  Check out the 'My Hero' series and you will see what I mean!
I spend a lot of time checking out ants all over London.  I spotted a colony of ants in the street, in my local area, which I thought could be completely new to the UK.  And I was right!  I now know that I was the first to discover the species living in the wild here and I wrote a paper on my discovery for the British Entomological and Natural History Society (BENHS), which has now been published.  I'm really excited about this - and a bit proud, too.
I'm also just back from my first trip to Australia, which I visited with Marc Perez - another member of the Footstep Family.  Now they have serious insects over there!