Daniel Rodic Actor and voice artist

Daniel  Rodic

My name is Daniel Rodic, I am 25 years old and based in Cologne where I also went to drama school at the age of 17 years.  During drama school, as well as offers of TV movies, I had the opportunity of working with Colette and the Footstep Productions team on Flirt English 2 for WDR Germany.  It is still is one of my very best memories.

After many smaller roles, I was cast, for the very first time, as the lead in a TV movie "Alles Verbrecher" which became a sequel for ARD. The part of the young policeman "Marco Petrassi" was a great experience and an inspiring adventure.

April 2016 sees me playing one of four leads in a pilot for a new series.

Footstep’s passion for delivering language in so many different ways is what makes so unique and the best in education.  If there’s one family that knows how to bring languages and people from all over the world together, with pure dedication and love – it’s my Footstep Family.