Kyra Balderstone Presenter

Kyra Balderstone

Hi, I’m Kyra.  I’m one of the newest and, at 16, one of the youngest members of the Footstep Family.  Last summer (2015), I met my hero, Jacqui Oatley, when I was chosen to present one of the four My Hero programmes. You see, I would like to be a sports journalist, presenter and commentator, like Jacqui, and working with Footstep meant I could go to the studio with Jacqui, have a go at interviewing key members of the BBC, read off the autocue and gain tips from my hero herself!

I am currently working hard for my GCSE’s and planning for my future.  Still enjoying my sport at the same time, of course!  I play rugby and am also a Scout, so I’m not afraid to try new challenges and opportunities.  Meeting Jacqui and working with Colette and Pat has given me the confidence to place myself in front of the camera more often:  just last month I co-presented a livestream in connection with Scouting to the UK! 

I can’t wait to see what the future holds, and thankful that I’ll have the Footstep Family to share it with!