Len Brown Executive Producer

Len Brown

I have never been able to sit still for very long so, for me, over the last  twelve years or so, Footstep has been my ideal fix. After some considerable time as an Executive Producer with larger outfits, such as the BBC and Channel Four Learning, and then as director/cameraman for a couple of sizeable indies and then ultimately running my own production company, I have been both liberated and re-energised by the Footstep formula.

That formula is packed with action, informality, fun, a very tight focus on quality and an obvious enthusiasm for all sorts of people – especially for the young, international bunch of youngsters who work with us on and off screen.

Footstep is well abreast of the fast-changing education strategies and is more often than not ahead of them. We also keep an eagle eye on the unstoppable evolution of production technologies and love using them. So all in all I have been able to fidget to my heart’s content all the way from scripting dramas to being a photographer. It’s a hard life!