Nancy McGirr Founder of Fotokids

Nancy  McGirr

We filmed with Footstep in 1997, when Fotokids was a photography project working with children living on the rubbish dumps and along the railway tracks of Guatemala City. Now celebrating our 25th anniversary, we teach not only photography, but also graphic design and production, to some of the poorest young people in Central America. We've also been able to add video classes for our students from urban and rural Guatemala and a program in Honduras, using photography to inspire environmental education on the periphery of an endangered national park. Children from 9 years of age onwards have the opportunity to study animation, photography and Photoshop as part of an after-school program.

Fotokids now teaches 170 students in some of the most dangerous and poverty- stricken areas of both countries and offers traditional academic scholarships for children whose parents cannot afford to keep them in school.

All of our classes are taught by former students of Fotokids, who are now attending or have graduated from university. Some of the original cast from Footstep Productions’ Voces Españolas have continued in Fotokids and now hold staff positions.

Colette, at Footstep Productions, runs an account for us, so if you’re interesting in sponsoring a child, or making a donation, just get in touch with her, or you can find out more about us at: 

We are proud members of the Footstep family!

Photograph © Nancy McGirr/Fotokids 2012