Paul Keating Cameraman

Paul  Keating

When I first met Colette to discuss working with Footstep Productions, it was over a nice cup of coffee.  Education programmes - she said, language programmes - she said.  How hard can that be - I thought!  Little did I know that Footstep never does anything by halves.

So far I've  been pursued by an amourous pig in Germany (and in Spain, come to think of it), clambered up a climbing wall with the camera in Spain, spent days in a medieval crypt in France, filmed windsurfing in October in Brighton, maths in a garage in Purley, ants in Texas and boxing in Ireland - and much, much more.  

The common thread has been the laughter and the amazing young people that we've come to work with.  The Footstep team have an amazing way of drawing great performances out of young people, who are often appearing on camera for the first time.  It's been great when we've had the opportunity to go back and work with them again and we see what a positive impact the process of filming has had on them. 

So what's next?  I've no idea but I'm sure it will be fun!