The New Website

20 February 2015

A long time in the making, but finally our new website is up and running. Our wonderful intern/assistant/producer Olatz, who was with us last year, did the design and Feast Creative launched us into cyberspace. Thanks also to Mikel and Unai for all their hardwork sorting out the final details.

The sharp-eyed amongst you will have noticed that we also have a new logo. This year, Footstep are celebrating 25 years and we thought it was time for a bit of a refresh.  Again, Olatz rose to the challenge and produced this new take on our footsteps. You'll see it appearing on our  programmes and on our emails too. The headed paper will take a bit longer - don't want to waste any trees!

Check out some of work on the Our Work page. We'll be adding trailers of our new projects as they're released and telling you where and when you can see them in their entirety.

As part of our celebrations we'd like to have your stories of working with Footstep Productions.  We're delighted so many people have kept in touch and it would be lovely to read your stories and see your pictures. Email us and we'll share via our newsfeed or FB page.  

Check out our team page on the website too.  If you don't see your picture there, just send us one and update us about what you're up to.  We're really proud of the people who've worked with us, both on and off screen and in the audio studio.  So if you'd like to promote your latest production, we'll add it to our news feed.

Enjoy - and remember: Learning is Serious Fun!

The New Website