High Five!

High Five! is a six-level Primary course for schools with extended timetables or looking to increase the level of challenge in their English classes. 

High Five! is the ideal course for preparing for external exams, with unique recordings of real pupils doing mock exams and a wealth of structured practice material in the Pupil's Books, Activity Books and the External Exams Practice Pack. Lifelong reading and writing skills are built upon in Literacy Lessons that focus on a range of authentic and motivating texts right from the start. Oral communication skills are actively developed, with opportunities for both structured and freer spoken practice in a range of settings from individual to group discussions. High Five! also has a strong cooperative learning strand that fosters participation, learner autonomy and social and civic competences, encouraging every pupil to do their best and make a positive contribution. 

Fun, hands-on projects develop both linguistic skills and essential life skills such as giving presentations, teamwork and time management. A focus on British and globalcultures stimulates curiosity and respect for other cultures while reinforcing pupils’ own identity. Links in High Five! to the Science and Arts and Crafts syllabi help schools plan and reinforce their bilingual teaching programmes and optimise pupils’ learning.





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