Mi Diario Londinense

Mi Diario Londinense is a series of short, pacey video blog style episodes created by a young Spanish woman, Olatz. She’s doing what more and more countless other young Europeans are doing: for the time being, she is living and working outside her home country.

Filmed with a great deal of relish and humour each of her video diaries takes us straight into what she sees and feels living away from home. There will be items on first impressions, life in a shared house, free time, the crowds, the food, the huge range of cultures, the sheer size of the place, the interminable time it takes to get anywhere…

And what does Olatz think about all this? “¡Me encanta!” And even when just occasionally it doesn’t, there’s always a smile not far from the thumbs down.

Mi Diario Londinense is personal, honest, engaging and entertaining. And maybe then a bit different from other language courses.

Mi Diario Londinense is a co-production with Discovery Education.

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